White with Peach flowers Mask

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Face mask with your choice of elastic or ties and no pocket or a pocket for a replaceable/disposable air filter pocket.  You can place the filter inside the pocket of the mask to use while you are wearing the mask and after you are finished with the mask at the end of the day you can take the filter out and spray with Lysol and allow to air dry.  The masks are all machine washable and 100% cotton fabric that follows the CDC guidelines.  Studies have shown that if you will press over the mask with a household iron on the cotton setting (Minimum of 170*F) for at least 30 seconds that it is the same as sterilizing it and it will kill any and all bacteria or viruses that are still living. Please keep in mind that we are not guaranteeing that our mask or any mask will keep you from contracting any virus but we also know that something to help is ALWAYS better than nothing.